We invite you to come and hear more about the LGBTQ Center and our programming, about the LGBTQ+ community in Israel and in particular in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and to get to know us more from up close.

The LGBTQ Center is a home to the LGBTQ+ community in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the surrounding areas and is an umbrella body for local LGBTQ+ programming while also promoting initiative, partnership and social engagement, creating culture and providing support and counselling services. The Center, as a community generator, aims to bring together the various parts of the mosaic that make up the community and residents of the city, and is a lighthouse and magnet for all parts of the country.

A visit in The LGBTQ Center is an hour in length in the format of a conversation with us, in which a member of The LGBTQ Center team will talk about the LGBTQ+ community, and all of the programming of The LGBTQ Center, cultural events, services, the volunteer programs, and everything that happens here, followed by sharing their personal story, and finally answer any questions that our visitors may have – What do the LGBTQ letters stand for? What are you proud of? Why do a pride parade? When did you come out and how was the experience? How is it to be LGBTQ+ in Israel or Tel Aviv? You can ask anything (in a respectful manner) and we will provide answers that will help you make sense of things, and create an interesting and enriching conversation.

The tour costs only 300 NIS as a donation to The LGBTQ Center.

To coordinate send an email to: office@lgbtqcenter.org.il