Sundays 17:00-19:00 | The gay center in Meir Park

Staying healthy together!

Every Sunday, tests for all sexually transmitted diseases are held at the Gay Center, by the Israel AIDS Taskforce and Bela Doegat. We invite you to be tested discreetly and completely anonymously (ID is not required)

No need to make an appointment in advance, just come and take a number! (note that the number of places is limited, first come, first served)

Type of tests:
HIV combo test
A rapid HIV test (results within half an hour) will be given alongside the combo test
Syphilis test
STI (STD) tests at three sites – chlamydia and gonorrhea

As part of the cooperation between the Israel AIDS Taskforce, the Lewinsky Clinic and the Gay Center, the tests are provided free of charge*

*Besides a rapid HIV test at a discounted cost of 120 NIS, after the Gay Center subsidy

If the test result is positive or borderline, the AIDS Committee will contact you by phone upon receiving the result from the laboratory, and will invite you for further investigation and referral for treatment.
If the test result is negative, we will not contact you by phone.
The date of receiving the results varies and will be given to you on the day of the test itself.
In general, the ranges for receiving the results are:
Combo HIV test – up to 4 days
Syphilis test – up to two weeks
PCR urine test – up to two weeks

For further questions and clarification:

The Aids Task Force
The Levinsky Clinic