At the Tsutsigan, we answer the needs of many types of families.

Tsutsigan is a Center for parents and children where we relate to everybody equally, in addition to giving an answer to the needs of the unique and diverse families.
In the past years, there has been a significant rise in the prevalence of LGBTQ+ parenting (in Israel generally, and specifically Tel Aviv) including same-sex parent families, single parents or couples and shared parenting when at least one parent is LGBTQ+.
We, at the Tsutsigan, recognize the needs of these families and want to give them an answer as well as to all the other types of families (LGBTQ+, Queer and Intersex, Straight people, single parents, shared parenting, etc.). This answer will give parents and their children security and will provide the essential sense of belonging needed when arriving at any new place.
The idea at the Center for parents and children is that the relation be natural and equal to everyone, while providing an answer to the needs of the unique and diverse families, and respecting the privacy and desires of each visitor at the center in the way we relate to the children in all the day-to-day activities.
It is well known that in every framework, it is very important to impart and deliver the message of an open and accepting society. The center, appealing to the whole Tel Aviv and surrounding area is committed to doing so in the best way possible through conversations and training the instructors who come to run the activities, and through the meeting itself between everyone under our roof.

So what actually happens here:
Tsutsigan mornings – tsutsigan – kindergarten with a parent.
Weekly morning activity, that aims to prepare the child and the parent for entry into the kindergarten.
We will emphasize the importance of play and the daily agenda in the kindergarten – we eat breakfast together with songs and singing along, we celebrate the festivals, seasons of the year and birthdays in a warm and safe environment that will help your children build trust and a sense of belonging.

All of this with Maya, a certified kindergarten teacher, guide to parents, and a sleep counsellor for infants.
Hours of activity:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30 – 12:30
How much does it cost? (The prices are per month)
Once a week – 350 NIS
Twice a week – 600 NIS
Three times a week – 800 NIS
Four times a week – 950 NIS
*The activities are for children until the age of 3.
*Joining is through signing up and arranging ahead of time only.

For more information:
LGBTQ center front desk – 03-5252896 (0)
Maya – 052-3965852,