If you made Aliyah or if you speak English better than Hebrew, come join our group! This is the Tel Aviv LGBTQ Center’s very own brand new social group for internationals and olim/ot. We’re excited to be starting this year with lots of great programming that’s both educational and fun. Sometimes, it’s really hard to be both queer and international in Israel. This is a group for anyone with those two identities who wants to commiserate, celebrate, and exist together.

If you like deep discussions, meeting awesome people, or just generally bein’ queer, then this is the place for you! Ages 18+ and all identities are welcome.

Group Coordinators:

We will be meeting on Sundays every two weeks at 8pm in Sarona. Leave your name and contact info for more details!

signing is closed for now, will open again in the beginning of the new work year